Saturday, June 21, 2014

Brother from Another Mother - Totally!

Arwen (aka Freaky Cat) had one litter of kittens. She ignored the nice basket that I had set up for her time of lying-in, opting rather to give birth in Kalene's sock drawer. That was quite a surprise for Kalene when she got back from camp! 

Freaky Cat and Brandi never did learn to get along, but one of her kittens formed a cross species friendship that was quite amazing. Here is Jethro - Brandi's Brother from another Mother:
 Brandi sniffs out this new little creature ...

And decides that it can be a friend.
Soon they were the same size.

I have never seen a bond like this between a cat and a dog.
  Jethro groomed Brandi ...

They even snuggled up together to sleep.

Unfortunately, Jethro got hit by an SUV and died. Brandi was quite distraught. For days, she just sat at the top of the stairs, waiting for Jethro to come up the stairs. 

We have had two or three cats since then, but they all treated Brandi like a dog. In my next blog, I will share the difference between cats and dogs. 

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