Monday, June 16, 2014

Okay, The Dog Can Stay

I still don’t like dogs, but Brandi proved her worth late one night (actually, early one morning) in January of 2011. Here is the blog I wrote back then:

We forgot to lock the front door last night. It was a bad night to have been negligent. Good thing Brandi our Shih-tzu/Poodle Watch Puppy was on duty.

In the wee hours of the morning, a prowler in our neighbourhood broke into a home on our street, and stole cash and beer. He then went on to other homes, including ours. We woke up to the sound of Brandi barking her little puppy head off.

My husband, Derek, went to investigate. Our front door was standing open, and a lone figure wearing a hoodie over his head was walking down the street. Derek called the police.

It turned out that the police were already out looking for this fellow. In Canada, it isn't so easy to elude police on foot in the wintertime, since they can just follow the footprints in the snow. Unfortunately, this subject was able to dodge the officers by cutting through a busy gas station parking lot. Our phone call got them back on his trail, and they quickly caught up with him.

Brandi is so friendly and loves to greet everyone who comes to our door. I have often said that if a burglar ever got in she would lick him to death. I am glad to be proved wrong. A burglar did come to our door and her barking scared him away.

So I take back all of my “I don’t like dogs” rants. This one can stay. I am still a cat person, and I love our two cats, but I rather doubt if either of them would have scared away an intruder. They just sit on the window ledge and groom themselves.

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