Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You! Human! I Want Out! From the blog of Freaky Cat

The cold Canadian winter had finally come to an end, and the balmy week or two of summer had not yet begun. It was, as the humans say, spring. The humans finally opened my door to the outside world, but then they put this wire mesh over my door, once again making me a prisoner inside their home. I must find a way to get back outside.

Hey, You! Human! Removed this mesh from my door. I want out!

 Once again, I am forced to take matters into my own paws! There must be a way past this wire mesh and this wall of green. This green stuff resembles grass, but it neither smells or tastes of grass, It must be a plot of the humans - a trick for making me believe that I am outside. They fool me not!

 You are evil. I am Freaky Cat, and I will get out!
Let me Out!

 Victory at last! I have broken through the wire mesh door! I am Out!

Out is nice. This is real grass!

Okay, that is enough of Out. Now I want back in.

#$%&* Meow! The humans have replaced the wire mesh over my door!
Hey! You! Human! Yes, you there, tap tap tapping on that little silver box thingy! Let me In!

They are evil, these humans. I will find a way. I am Freaky Cat! I got Out, and I will get back In!

Bwahahahahahah! I am Freaky Cat, and I am getting back in!
Ah! Yes! In is nice!

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