Sunday, June 8, 2014

Freaky Cat Meets a Cute Little Fluff Ball

In the second year of the reign of Arwen, aka: Freaky Cat, there came a little white fluff ball to invade her majesty's reign of terror. The little fluff ball, aka: Brandi the Cute Little Puppy Dog, had no knowledge of the evil feline world or the maleficence portending any who dared to invade her majesty's personal space. Here, for the entertainment of those who dare, is the bloggage of Freaky Cat. 

I am Arwen, ruler of this land, High Queen of All That Is. You may take my photograph. Yes, you - human. You may take my photograph, and then fetch my dinner. 
What is this fluffy white creature, and what is it doing in my dining hall?

Cute? No, I am cute! This odious fluffball is repugnant!

Adorable? No, this fluffball is neither cute nor adorable! I am cute and adorable. Focus that camera on me!

You, stay down there.This dining space is mine!

Humans! Remove the fluffball from my presence!

It is still here. Must I take matters into my own paws?

Come here, little Fluffy Fluffy...

Why do you look at me like that? Cats cannot pick up hammers!

Now, the little fluffy is asleep. Good Fluffly Fluffy! I am Arwen, the Freaky Cat. I am very sneaky, no?

I was not going to anything to the sleepy little fluffball. 

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