Friday, November 25, 2016

The Difference between Dogs and Cats

I am a cat person. I think I have mentioned that before but seriously, I am one stray kitten away from becoming the quintessential Crazy Cat Lady.

Dogs are too affectionate for me, and they require too much attention. Cats are more independent, and they love you on their own terms. I can respect that in a pet.

For example:

When you get home from work:

A dog will come running to greet you, lick your face, and wag his tail enthusiastically because he is so glad to see you.

A cat will remain seated on the window ledge, lick her paws, and ignore you entirely because she is indifferent to your presence in her home.

When you want to play:

                                                                                                                                                       A dog will happily fetch any object that you throw.

 He will run circles around you. 

He is just grateful  that you are paying attention to him.

A cat might play your game if she is in the mood. She might chase the rubber mouse that you dangle in front of her; or she might go back to grooming herself and ignore you. She will let you know when your attention is required.

 When they need to use the facilities:

 A dog will jump at the door and scratch the door, then run back and forth between you and the door until you get up and let him out.

A cat will hold it until you provide her with a clean litter box.


If Timmy falls into the well again:

A dog will run home and alert the family.

A cat will stay on the window ledge and groom herself. If she has nothing better to do, she might spend a quiet moment wondering who Timmy is, and perhaps wonder where that kid is who is supposed to be cleaning her litter box.

Previously posted on Gomestic by Triond  a long, long time ago.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brandi the Cute Little Puppy Dog, 2009-2016

To all of the fans of Brandi the Cute Little Puppy Dog, it is with heavy heart that I announce the untimely death of our sweet little doggie. She will be sadly missed by her human family: me (Karen), Derek, Kalene, and Megan. She will be missed, (but without the sadness) by our two cats, Zinger and The Doctor.

 If dogs and cats go to Heaven when they die (a theological question neither asked nor answered in the Scriptures), she may be reunited with her “brother from another mother” Jethro, who was born in our wonderfully weird household when Brandi was just a puppy of about five months old. Brandi and Jethro were best buds until Jethro’s untimely death by road kill in 2011.

Brandi, as you may recall, was the author of a series of cute little articles about her cute little self. Several of these were published on the Triond website “The Real Owner” and later republished on this blog “Karen's Critters.” Brandi did not have very good spelling for a dog, and her grammar was distinctively juvenile, but she really was cute, so I just posted her stories ‘as is’ and it became part of her charm.

Read stories by and about Brandi in this blog.  I have set up quick links to three posts:

Brandi in "No Ways! Not Another Doggy Sweater!"

In addition to her busy writing career and her role as our wireless doorbell (a role for which she was eminently overqualified and carried out with overexuberance), Brandi was well known by anyone who would listen to my stories as a hero for scaring off a would-be intruder in the wee hours of the morning, helping the police to catch up with the suspect of several break-ins in our neighbourhood.You can read this story at Okay, the dog can stay!
Brandi the Cute Little Puppy Dog. RIP We love you!