Monday, July 7, 2014

Brandi the Cute Li'le Puppy Dog - Yous has gots to be kidding!

I's is a cute li’le puppy dog. I gots lotsa pretty hair. No ways is I gonna wear one o’ve them doggie sweaters. Nooooo waaaaaaaays! Nope. I wouldn’a wanna be caught dead in one'a those.

See, see, see! You put me in one o’ve them doggie sweaters, and look, look, LOOK! You put on the doggie sweater and I rolled over ‘n played dead – I mean – I rolled over ‘n deaded…see! You want me t’ be all rolled over dead?

Okay. So I’s is not rolled over dead. I’s is wearing the doggie sweater ‘n I’s is not dead. So you happy now? You happy that I’s is wearing the doggie sweater that you knitted for me. You happy now?

Thanks you for taking the doggie sweater offa me. See – I don’ need no doggie sweater. I gots lotsa nice fluffy  hair. I’s is very, very cute. Now go away.

All photos by author.

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