Sunday, July 13, 2014

Advice from Momma Cat for Fed Up and Raising a Stink

Dear Momma Cat,
My humans are very slow to clean my litter box. Sometimes it doesn’t get done for weeks, and I have to hold my breath when I go in there. It stinks! What should I do? How do I train them to keep my litter box clean?

Fed up and raising a stink

Dear Fed up,
I can really empathize with you. It seems like almost every feline has this complaint about their humans.
We need to meow up for our rights! We’re people too, you know. We deserve to have a clean and sanitary place to go.

How would they like it if we took our business elsewhere, like on their carpets, or in that nice clean dirt that they keep plants in? That should get their attention! Use caution, however, when you get their attention this way. I heard from one feline that her human actually wrote an article on the internet that said she was looking for recipes for cat stew! How barbaric humans are! But I know, we keep them around because they’re cute.

Meowing sincerely,

Momma Cat

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