Sunday, September 14, 2014

No Ways! Another Doggy Sweater?

I cannot believe what you’s gone and did to me, again even! Didn’t I say it? Didn’t I say it? I’s is sure I said: ‘NO MORE DOGGY SWEATERS!!!!!” Didn’t I say it? And what did you do? You went and knitted me another doggy sweater. Why you gotta keep knittin’ these doggy sweaters? Why can’t you knit sompting for the cat?
There’s is noooooo waaaaayssss I’s is gonna wear this, this, what is this? A circus costume or sompting? A fuzzy strippedy circus costume? You ’spect me to walk down the doggy path in this thing? All the other puppies is gonna laugh at me. Is that what you wants? All the other doggies laughin’ at me?

Just look at this one! Just look! Are yous’es even lookin’? This doggy sweater is too little for me. Firstest you knit me a little doggy sweater an ‘ it’s too big for me, and then nextest you knit me a little doggy sweater that’s too small. What’s are yous’es thinkin’ – that I’m just like Goldilocks? Are yous’es gonna knit me another little doggy sweater that’s just right?

I’s is such a cute little puppy dog. I don’t need no doggy sweaters. You go knit one for the kitty cat.

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