Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I don`t like dogs.

Mommy, can we keep her?


Can we keep her?


I don't like dogs.

I'm a cat person. I've always loved cats. Especially  kittens! One day, sometime around 1989, my Hubby came home with a surprise inside his jacket. He opened his jacket, and inside there was this adorable kitten! He asked, "Can we keep her?"

That was when we were first married. Since then, we have been a cat family. We remember events in the past by which cat we had at the time. A few years ago, one of the kids coined a new phrase, "That was three cats ago," and it's been a running joke in our family ever since.

But then the kids started begging for a dog. I don't like dogs. Dogs are so much work. They have to be walked, fed, potty trained, obedience trained...

Cats are so much easier. They pretty much train themselves - just provide a litter box. You don’t have to worry about obedience training. You don’t train them, they train you.

But then, one day in the summer of 2009, Hubby came home with something in his jacket again. He told the kidlets to go to their rooms and close their doors so Daddy could talk to Mommy. Yeah, right! He closed our door, and they stayed in the hall with their ears to our door.

 Hubby opened up his jacket, and showed me a tiny furball. He had that, “Mommy, can we keep it?” look on his face, with puppy dog eyes.

So that is how Brandi came to be a member of our family. Guess who feeds her.

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