Sunday, May 18, 2014

And....They....Are Off!

Arwen's Kittens - Three Weeks Old
       Finally Out of the Box!

Time to wake up, my babies! 
Today's the Big Day!
We're getting out of the box; 
Time to see the hallway!

But Mama, we're sleepy!
We want to stay here.
It's warm and it's comfy,
And there's nothing to fear.

Come now Abby, and Leroy;  Come Jethro and Gibbs!
Come now, open those blue eyes! 
Come let's race down this hall! 
Come now you little kittens - All so cute and so small!

Now here comes a brave one;  This is Abby no doubt;
The girl is the first one, let's give her a shout!

Now let's race down the hallway;
Let's see who is fast!
Come quickly and line up,
Don't let your brothers get past!

Now that's how you do it;  Yes, that's how you race!
Now One Two Three GO!  Jethro, pick up your face!

Where did every one go?

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